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The SBA and CIAA Produce the Second Annual SBA All-Stars CIAA Alumni Street Ball Show Challenge

Washington, DC  - The Street Basketball Association, LLC (SBA) has renewed their partnership with the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) co-produing the SBA Street Ball Show featuring the SBA All-stars and CIAA Alumni All-stars for its 2005 Basketball Tournament in Raleigh, NC.  Known for having strong alumni, students and local resident support, the CIAA continually looks to be innovative and grow its basketball tournament providing additional entertainment on Super Saturday with the Second Annual Street Ball Challenge.  Last years exciting  double over-time game between the SBA All-stars and CIAA Alumni during the afternoon of Super Saturday gained tremedous support and notiroity with over 12,000 basketball enthusiasts coming out for the game.  The SBA and CIAA are confident that round two of the "SBA/CIAA Street Ball Challenge" will once again be a strong component of the already successful week long tournament.  

The SBA has developed a "turn-key" entertainment product branded The Show.  The Show combines the SBA"s electric brand of street basketball with music to create a model unlike any other product.  When an audience is added to this model it will become combustible and will explode, creating an enthusiastic atmosphere.  Even though The Show is an entertainment exhibition, it demonstrates the authenticity of street basketball recreating the atmosphere similar to the legendary Rucker Park in New York City and the Urban Coalition in Washington, D.C.  

Scheduled for "Super Saturday" The Show brings an entertainment element that will include a dunk contest, live music, court-side DJ, game announcer, SBA Ouch Girls (models/dancers) and a competitive game. The game will feature former CIAA players challenging some of the most recognizable and talented street basketball players in the country.  This strategic alliance between the SBA and the CIAA will once again bring added entertainment value and excitement to the CIAA Tournament fans as they get a chance to witness some of the most impressive professional street basketball players in the world.  Last years event featured:  Larry "The Bone Collector" Williams (EBC Rucker Park MVP, NBA TV), Randy "White Chocolate" Gill (Magic Johnson/MTV Who"s Got Game Champion, ESPN Street Ball, Bowie State), Hugh "Baby Shaq" Jones (Nike Battlegrounds Champion/ESPN Street Ball), John "Helicopter" Humphrey (ESPN Street Ball, NCAA Slam Dunk Champion, AND 1 Tour), Greg "The Wizard" Jones (Fat Joe"s Terror Squad/EBC Rucker Park, NBA TV), and Andre "Silk" Poole (Magic Johnson/MTV Who"s Got Game, Baltimore"s Finest)

"Every year the CIAA tournament gets bigger and better.  With the success of last year"s Show, and the top street ball players gaining more and more recognition, popularity, and media coverage, we look to take the Second Annual SBA/CIAA Super Saturday Street Ball Showcase to another level.  Once again, partnering with the CIAA is a win-win scenario for everyone involved, states Matthew Rosner, Director of Basketball for the SBA.  Bringing "The Show" to one of the biggest tournaments in the country will provide an excellent platform and opportunity to showcase and promote the SBA while enhancing the overall CIAA Tournament with one of the hottest basketball and sports products in the world."  

About the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association
The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association is an athletic conference consisting of twelve historically African-American institutions of higher education all working together to set an overall standard of excellence.  The presence of the CIAA as a premiere member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II continues to expand throughout the country.  The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) was founded in 1912 and is based in Hampton, Virginia.  The CIAA is America"s oldest black college conference made up of 12 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) situated along the Eastern Seaboard.  The CIAA will hold its 60th annual basketball tournament at the RBC Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, Feb. 28th through March.5th, 2005.  The "CIAA," as the week-long event is often referred to, historically draws more than 80,000 fans, has had an economic impact of $36.6 million on Raleigh since 2000, but is much more than a basketball tournament, it is a cultural event

About the Street Basketball Association, LLC and SBA Sports Management and Entertainment Group
The SBA is a sports marketing and entertainment company specifically dedicated to spearheading the growth and development of street basketball.  The SBA has developed the first ever professional street basketball league allowing fans to experience some of the most dazzling and unparalleled street-ball players and team performances available anywhere.  The SBA creates a fertile landscape for players to develop their talent in a highly competitive atmosphere under the guidance and leadership of former NBA professional players and industry professionals.

The SBA Sports Management and Entertainment Group is a full service sports marketing and event management company primarily focused on the business of basketball offering turn-key entertainment events and sports properties.  From the beginning process of event creation and planning, through full-scale management, operation, and production of the event, the SBA provides optimal solutions to maximize the value of the individual sports property.  The SBA gives corporate organizations, entrepreneurs, and promoters, the ideal vehicle to penetrate the sports marketing arena, generating positive revenue, as well as increasing consumer awareness and creating positive public relations for their products, services, and mission.   With the combination of basketball being one of the most followed and supported sports throughout the world and street ball being the hottest basketball product, the SBA ensures successful and profitable events when marketing with the SBA.  The SBA has iniatiated events all over the United States and Europe on several occasions and at each event received a warm welcome from fans and corporate sponsors.  The SBA is dedicated to showcasing competitive basketball and providing quality entertainment to its audiences

For more information contact the Street Basketball Association at 301-218-1048 or 301-218-6098 fax

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