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MTV and Nike to Feature Hugh "Baby Shaq" Jones in Battle Grounds Tour Documentary

Nike, Wieden and Kennedy executives, and the producers and director of the Nike Battle Grounds Documentary visited Washington D.C. to follow NBA All-star Weekend, One-on-One King, Hugh "Baby Shaq" Jones around for two days to capture his life on tape. The featured documentary that will highlight the Nike Battle Grounds One-on-One Tour Competition will be televised on MTV, Sunday evening September 7th, 2003.

As the cameras rolled "Baby Shaq" treated the production crew to the flavor of the Chocolate City starting with in interview at Baby Shaq's home in Anacostia, Southeast Washington, D.C. After visiting the home, interviewing the family, Baby Shaq went to his barber and hair braiding shop giving the documentary a look at the transformation of Baby Shaq's blown out 'fro to a creative zig-zag patterned tight braided corn-rows. While at the shop, the locals gave some insight to the crew about Baby Shaq's explosive game and a little history of D.C. basketball.

That evening the documentary crew got a real treat being invited down to the inner-circle of D.C. street ball at the legendary "Goodman" summer league down at Barry Farms as Baby Shaq and his SBA, D.C. Legends teammates Greg "Killer Cross" Jones, Earl "Pep" Tyson, Gary "2-2" Johnson, and Ding "The Warrior" D'Awol put on clinic entertaining the crowd at the BF Coliseum destroying the All Dayz II Squad 80-62.

The documentary crew and executives had an incredible opportunity to see D.C.'s finest street ball and witnessed the explosiveness of Baby Shaq. While Myles "Snapper Jones" was doing his thing on the mic, Baby Shaq had 20 first half points, hitting 5 three pointers and giving the cameras a flash of his brilliance crossing his man up on the wing, going baseline launching himself at the rim with one of his patented rim rattling dunks.

Production of the documentary will conclude in New York City on August 9th, 2003 when Baby Shaq competes with 7 other Nike Battle Ground winners from across the country to be crowned the King of Kings Champion. The winner will receive a one-year Nike endorsement contract, a Nike billboard, a Battle Grounds Medallion and Crown, and a cash prize, in addition to the exposure of the documentary to be shown on MTV

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