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Bone Collector vs. Silk, Street Basketball is what the SBA does Better Anyone Else, Games from the Archives

Here are a few highlights from the SBA All-Stars vs. Baltimore City Blazers Show Featuring Bone Collector vs. Silk

The Street Basketball Association brought the "Show" to Baltimore on the campus of Coppin State University. The game featured some heavy hitters and by at the end of the night - Bone Collector and the SBA Allstars vs. "Silk" and the Baltimore Blazers was already certified a "Street ball" classic. Silk issued the challenge to Bone over the radio but everyone just figured it was hype as usual. I guess now they know that the SBA "Keep it Real, Raw and Uncut".

Bone Collector was joined on the SBA Allstars by White Chocolate, Baby Shaq, Pat Da Roc, Birdman and Seven N' Sum Change. While Silk's Baltimore mob included NBA draft pick Corsley Edwards, Kevin "Stink" Norris and Ernie Graham Jr. Earlier in the week leading up to the game, Silk publicly challenged the Bone Collector to come to Baltimore during an interview with 92 Q. Not only did Bone come to Baltimore, but he and Silk's full court one-on-one battle was as hot as any on the court battle ever seen. And if you didn't see it, you heard about it.

The SBA Allstars were able to control the tempo as White Chocolate and Pat Da Roc entertained the crowd with pinpoint alley-oops to Baby Shaq and company. As the first half was ending, Seven N' Sum Change took a pass from the left wing, saw Corsley Edwards in the hole waiting, took one power dribble and did a 360 degree slam dunk on his head!! It was so surprising that the fans just looked as if to say, "Did he do what I think he did?" Earlier in the half Corsley did a slick reverse spin on Seven and woke up the sleeping giant. Why did he do that? Seven finished the first half with at 8 blocks and had the Mutombo finger thing going.

The Allstars continued their dominance in the second half, going into the 4th quarter the Allstars lead 91 to 74. Then things got a little heated for a while, Stink was tired of White Chocolate's "'street ball" trickery and tried to isolate him for 'get back' every time down the court. "Stink" was doing his thing but the SBA Allstars were too strong.

With about 8 minutes to go and the Allstars with a comfortable lead, the fans began to call for Baltimore's favorite son, Silk, to give them something to talk about. Silk scored 3 buckets in a row over Pat Da Roc and the home fans started chanting his name. Bone Collector came down with Silk guarding him and did an in and out that left Silk at the hash mark. Then things got personal and the issued challenge took form. Bone guarded Silk the next time down court and Silk asked for a clear out. Oh yeah, it was on. The most unbelievable "street ball " game ever had begun.

Silk scored, peeled off his jersey, leaving just a t-shirt, got in his defensive position under his basket and was ready to try to stop Bone. Bone ripped off his jersey and was now "skin" to Silk's "shirt." They headed back down the court just the 2 of them. Bone with his patented crossovers went right at Silk with a driving lay-up score.

The thing about "street ball" that people love is that it is Real. And the SBA makes sure that we keep it that way. The other players just stepped to the side and watched the battle. The announcer, Triple M from Philadelphia, left the scorers table and called the game from on the court, moving from end to end with the players.

At this time security was busy trying to keep the fans off the floor, they all left their seats and were fighting for a better view of the action. It was straight one-on-one full court with the referees controlling the game. The game was like a heavyweight championship bout. The fans, players, photographers and even security were all jostling on the court for space to witness Bone and Silk doing their thing. We can't spoil it and tell you who won, but just know the game went into overtime. If you missed it don't worry, it will be out on DVD soon. The consensus was that it was the best "street ball" game ever seen by the fans and the players. Be sure to tune in to the next SBA event.

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