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Street Basketball Association CEO Jerrod Mustaf Blogs for Supersport.com

Jerrod Mustaf Dunks for the Knicks

In the continued efforts to promote the sport of basketball throughout Africa, the CEO of the Street Basketball Association, Mr. Jerrod Mustaf has announced he will be working with SuperSport writing weekly blogs that will be posted on www.supersport.com.

Former NBA star, Jerrod Mustaf has expressed delight in the opportunity to connect with African fans as he begins his weekly Basketball Blog for supersport.com.  His blog will focus on the NBA games now available on SuperSport as well as Basketball developments globally and on the continent.  As part of the SBA's International Basketball Development Program "VISION 2020 and Beyond," SBA Africa Mission Jerrod told supersport.com that “I am delighted to be able to reach out to the African Basketball audience and to be able to share my insights on the game we love.”                                                                                    

SBA Sports Worldwide and the Street Basketball Association are in the midst of lauching its long-term plan to further promote, market, and fully develop the sport of basketball throughout the African Continent.  Working closely with the SBA International Basketball Federation, we have commitments from a number of former NBA Legends and top SBA Street Ball All-Stars with the common goals of pursuing and developing basketball throughout the continent of Africa with a concentrated, focused campaign and program for the youth.  Through this program, the SBA is dedicated to showcasing high-quality basketball, engaging the youth, providing entertainment to its audiences, and administering expert instruction and fundamental skill development and technique

The SBA has followed African basketball for many years; with an interest to promote the dynamic culture of “street ball” and to also fully develop the sport of basketball at the grassroots, youth, professional, and National Team levels to complement and rival the rapid global growth of the sport worldwide.  "We see Africa as a fertile marketplace to grow and develop basketball over the next 10 years, catapulted by an immediate dedication of expert human and appropriate financial resources to the sport."    

He writes in his first blog previewing the Eastern conference:

“Three years ago, when LeBron James escaped the pressure cooker in Cleveland to “take his talents to South Beach”, he claimed they would win seven championships. Basketball fans would have appreciated a little more humility after the “Decision” from LeBron and happily reveled in the Heat, being humbled by Dirk and the Dallas Mavs in 2011.”

 “In 2012, due to a plague of injuries to Chicago’s Derrick Rose and the entire Knicks guard rotation, the Heat were able to survive a weakened Eastern Conference and win a ring in the lock-out shortened season.

 “Give the Heat credit this past season as the Heat were able to outlast the young Indiana Pacers in a grueling seven-game series and said enough Hail Marys during Game six of the NBA Finals to come back and beat the aging Spurs in seven.

 “This season, it looks like the Bulls are back with a healthy and hungry Derrick Rose. Besides his injury, he was questioned by fans for his inaction as the depleted and outmanned Bulls fought their hearts out in the playoffs while he sat on the bench in tailored suits and ties. His ego is ready to prove all doubters wrong….watch out Miami Heat.”

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