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CIAA Basketball Tournament, SBA Team up to put "The Show" in "Showtime!"

Washington, D.C. (Jan. 8, 2004) - The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) has partnered with the Street Basketball Association (SBA) to host an exhibition game at the 2004 tournament in Raleigh, N.C. featuring the SBA All-Stars, the most-exciting streetballers in the world versus a team of CIAA All-Stars. As a part of a revamped 'Super Saturday' line-up, the CIAA Super Saturday Streetball Showcase will recreate the legendary atmosphere of Rucker Park in New York City at the RBC Center. The action will be fast-paced, creative, and fun for all ages.

The SBA has developed a "turn-key" entertainment product branded The Show, which combines the SBA's electric brand of street basketball with music to create an event unlike any other. With an enthusiastic CIAA audience, it could become combustible, creating a thrilling atmosphere.

"This style of basketball is entertaining, fun for the fans and these guys are in high demand," CIAA Commissioner Leon G. Kerry said. "These guys tour the world putting on shows for basketball fans everywhere. You see them on television, you see them in advertisements, they're everywhere. They will find the fans at the CIAA to be some of the most involved and appreciative of any that will ever see them play."

Scheduled for Super Saturday along with the new CIAA Battle of the Bands, the CIAA Cheerleading Competition, and the first Miss CIAA Contest, The Show brings an entertainment element including a dunk contest, live music, court-side DJ, game announcer, SBA Ouch Girls (models/dancers) and a competitive game. The game will feature former CIAA players challenging some of the most recognizable and talented street basketball players in the country. This strategic alliance between the SBA and the CIAA will bring added entertainment value and excitement to the CIAA Tournament fans.

"Partnering with the CIAA is a win-win scenario for everyone involved," said Matthew Rosner, director of basketball for the SBA. "Bringing 'The Show' to one of the biggest tournaments in the country will provide an excellent platform and opportunity to showcase and promote the SBA while enhancing the overall CIAA Tournament with one of the hottest basketball and sports properties in the world."

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