The Street Basketball Association collaborated with CrossOver Promotions production of the Allen Iverson Celebrity Basketball game played in front of a sold-crowd at Dudley High School in Greensboro, NC.  The SBA worked with CrossOver Promotions to assist in bringing the Show on the court with the addition of SBA All-Stars Randy “White Chocolate” Gill, Roscoe “Dunkin” Johnson, Charles “Flat Out” Ward, Myron “Airborne” Howe, and world famous SBA Announcer and Nike / Dyckman League MC Joe Pope rounding out the roster. 

Playing along side Allen Iverson, White Chocolate showed off his range with a number of deep 3-pointers.  AI and White Chocolate combined to make a deadly backcourt combination both going for 30 points each while Roscue Dunkin Johnson showed off his 50+ inch vertical with an array of crowd pleasing dunks and jaw-dropping alley-oups.  On the mic, Joe Pope was ripping it up with his smooth, energenic, and hilarious play-by-play commentary.  White Chocolate, Dunkin Johnson, and Joe Pope along with AI kept the crowd hype and were class acts all the way through with their amazing talents on the courts as well as after the game signing numerous autographs for the fans and conducting interviews with the local media. 

Proceeds for the event benefits went to Allen Iverson and CrossOver Promotions Charity, I Choose Life Foundation.  All of the organizations involved look to develop the dreams of tomorrow with the youth.   “Man, this is just me saying thanks to give the people the same thing that they gave me for all of these years,” Iverson explained after the game. “It’s an opportunity for me to help kids dream and believe that they can be anything that they want to be.  Any time that I can come out and speak anything positive, that’s the main objective above everything.”