The League


The Street Basketball Association is currently comprised of 12 teams located in major cities throughout the United States and 2 SBA All-Star Teams  We are anticipating the addition of SBA franchises in the 30 largest urban markets throughout the country.  The SBA is constantly reviewing potential individuals and groups interested in franchise ownership.

SBA players on these teams consist of current and former professional players, former NCAA players, and street ball legends. We have concentrated on developing these players so that they might one day be able to play in the NBA or another professional league as well as provide the highest level of basketball for our audiences.

As the first professional street basketball league, the SBA will give street ball players an opportunity to showcase their talents for scouts, agents, coaches, and fans during summer months. SBA players and teams will become liaisons for the league and the game of basketball in an attempt to give basketball back to its roots and to make a positive impact in their communities.  SBA players are professional ball players who have earned iconic status on the streets and/or professional leagues throughout the U.S. and the world and been featured on ESPN Street Ball, ESPN City Slam, Nike BattleGrounds, AND 1 Tour, Hoops TV, NBA TV, MTV, EBC Rucker Park (NYC), Goodman League/Barry Farms (Washington DC), Venice Beach (LA), Slam Magazine, Dime Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and hundreds of Street Ball DVD’s.  

As the business of basketball continues to prosper, the SBA is determined to be community-based, allowing fans the opportunity to experience some of the most competitive, dazzling, artistic, and innovative style of basketball in a safe and affordable family atmosphere.


The Street Basketball Association, LLC is a Maryland limited liability corporation. It is the first ever, professional street basketball league that showcases both talented players and entertaining basketball. Headquartered in Mitchellville, Maryland, the SBA is prepared to tell the world what street basketball is about…entertainment, excitement, excellence.

The SBA is the vision of individuals committed to the advancement of street ball. Street ball is not just a social phenomenon in the United States, but a growing one across the globe. Whether played on dirt courts in the backyard, a small village, or the asphalt of inner city playgrounds, this “street” brand of basketball boasts an unmatched passion and creative enthusiasm that crosses over all geographic, cultural, and economic lines.
The SBA’s mission is to showcase the best street ball legends and professional basketball players center stage in an organized competitive environment, entertain fans and reveal which cities have the best talent in the world.   Fans experience some of the most dazzling and unparalleled street-ball players and team performances available anywhere. The SBA also creates a fertile landscape for players to develop their talent in a highly competitive atmosphere under the guidance and leadership of former NBA professional players and industry professionals.
The SBA was founded upon the principles of giving basketball back to its roots; THE STREETS. Basketball has been played and enjoyed by millions for many years.  Our association is focused on delivering a basketball product that exemplifies the passion, heart, and love for the game, while playing it in its purest and rawest form.  Our continued dedication to the growth and development of street ball worldwide has given us the platform to conduct clinics, create teams and leagues, spread the love of basketball, while educating and entertaining players, fans, and basketball enthusiasts throughout.
The Street Basketball Association is reminiscent of the Negro Baseball League in that it promotes minority entrepreneurship/ownership and community development.  The SBA aims to give professional basketball to the urban communities and to create an unparalleled game of loyalty that is amiss in professional sports today. SBA leagues and teams will reach out and form everlasting bonds with their fans and community leaders.  Each SBA league, team and local business/organization will work together to form a partnership of growth and development as we invest in our communities.

The SBA League is comprised of the top 10-15 players from their home cities to compete against other cities throughout the United States and abroad.  We will supply a demand for highly entertaining and competitive, professional basketball during the “off-season” summer months, provide a platform for players to showcase their talents, create jobs for players, and most importantly return basketball back to its communities and roots. The SBA’s catch phrase says it all “WE GOT OUR FIVE…GET YOURS!”

The SBA is pursuing a national television contract to allow fans worldwide the rare opportunity to experience some of the most dazzling and unparalleled street-ball players and team performances available anywhere. During league games, the SBA intends to create an atmosphere that will surpass both the Rucker League (New York) and the Urban Coalition (Washington, D.C.). The SBA entertain crowds with players displaying vicious killer crosses, behind the neck no look passes, and 720 degree slams while our DJ mixes the latest hip-hop beats. Up and coming and current top 40 artists will provide the audience with a sample of new live music to help enhance the overall SBA experience.