Former NBA and Pro Athlete Post Career Marketing Coalition:

SBA Sports and Entertainment is a full service sports and entertainment company that offers former professional athletes a chance to be a part of a group of individuals recognized for their legacy within the evolution of the NBA and the overall growth of the sport of basketball globally.  As one of the only companies in the world that has a focus on providing former NBA and professional basketball players with post career marketing support, the SBA provides a number of potential opportunities.  

The tremendous playing experience, name recognition, and reputations that former NBA, professional, and collegiate all-star players maintain in our marketing coalition demands respect providing tremendous leverage to secure marketing contracts, endorsement deals, appearances, speaking engagements, basketball camp and celebrity basketball game development, and licenses with companies and organizations.  We pursue local, regional, national, and international marketing campaigns and strategies that provide highly visible promotional opportunities and personal appearances.  Our marketing approach is comprehensive and extremely thorough at every level as well as we explore every income-generating avenue that exists.

As an added benefit, former NBA players in our SBA marketing coalition automatically become part of the “SBA’s Practice with the Pros” basketball camps/clinics and our SBA All-Stars / US Champions of Basketball World Events, Shows, and Tours which are both marketed and administered throughout the United States and worldwide with our SBA International Basketball Federation consisting of SBA members representing over 25 countries spanning across 6 continents.  Additionally, we encourage, facilitate, and help establish charitable foundations and other community-out-reach programs, generating positive public relations, to increase public exposure.

The SBA will utilize its global infrastructure and sports and entertainment industry partners to secure marketing and endorsement deals, bookings for special events/tours, arrange signing/memorabilia appearances, commercial licensing for instructional videos and DVD’s, motivational speaking engagements, basketball camp appearances, and offer organizational support for their clients’ basketball camps and/or celebrity basketball game production.

Check out some of the SBA’s High Profile Clients:

Former NBA Players:                        SBA All-Stars:
Dennis Rodman                                Hugh “Baby Shaq” Jones
Tim Hardaway                                   Randy “White Chocolate” Gill
Muggsy Bogues                                Taurian “Air Up There” Fontenette
Tracy Murray                                     Patrick “Pat Da-Roc” Robinson
Dale Ellis                                          Phillip “Hot Sauce” Champion
Walt Williams                                   Andre “Silk” Poole
Kenny Anderson                               Kareem “Air Bama” Ward
Acie Earl                                          Anthony “Africa” Pimble
Robert Reid                                      Larry “The Bone Collector” Williams
Oliver Miller                                       David “Da Aggressor” Bailey
Chris King                                        Malloy “Future” Neismith
Litterial Green                                   Marvin “High Rizer” Collins
Steve Francis                                   Robert “50” Martin

Jerome Williams                               Rashid “7 & Sum Change” Byrd        
Dee Brown                                       Zeke “SuperNatural” Scott
Antoine Walker                                 Myron “Airborne” Howe
Stephon Marbury                              James “Swool” Rhodes