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SBA Marketing and Sports Entertainment Properties Division

Sports Marketing & Properties

The SBA Marketing and Sports Properties division is a full service sports marketing and event management company primarily focused on the business of basketball offering turn-key entertainment events and sports properties.  From the beginning process of event creation and planning, through full-scale management, operation, and production of the event, the SBA provides optimal solutions to maximize the value of the individual sports property.  The SBA gives corporate organizations, both profit and non-profit, the ideal vehicle to penetrate the sports marketing arena increasing consumer awareness and creating positive public relations for their products, services, and corporate mission.  The SBA Sports Management and Entertainment Group has developed opportunities to leverage the explosive growth of basketball by combining basketball and entertainment creating a number of turn-key basketball entertainment sports properties “Basketainment,” introducing the Street Basketball Association to the world.

Event Management & Production
The SBA offers a unique brand of basketball and entertainment, marketing and operating over 150 sports and entertainment events on 5 different continents in the world ranging from grassroots to the highest level corporate projects and functions implementing a number of marketing strategies to maximize the overall value of each event as well as initiating and directing multiple 10+ city/country tours managing five and six figure budgets.  Working with sponsors, event coordinators and promoters, we simply provide “turn-key” operations – “Show us our work space and we do the rest!”  The SBA has the corporate experience, culture and commitment to implement, and manage with a hands-on approach with a strong working knowledge of the event management and production required infrastructure and operational procedures. 

Corporate Consulting
The SBA has attracted strategic marketing partners, provided event management, corporate consulting, and secured contracts creating alliances with an exclusive list of Fortune 500 companies, global sports organizations, and government agencies providing opportunities for organizations to get the most from their business dollar partnering with a fully integrated professional organization with a global infrastructure in place, led by a talented management team of dedicated basketball and industry experts.  We clearly understand the commitment required from potential partners; the SBA management team has invested financial resources, countless time and enormous efforts to develop this organization.  It is the SBA’s belief that success not only nurtures a relationship but it also lays a foundation for innovation and growth.  A strong relationship built over time based on similar goals will ensure that this strategic alliance will be a collaboration of dedicated partners striving to create a property to be envied by many yet respected for its mission.  We are first dedicated to understanding your needs, and then focused on providing strategic solutions and a blueprint for success that meet your goals and objectives.  The SBA is committed to providing outstanding service, sound advice, creativity, good value, and the highest level of responsiveness while each member of the SBA is dedicated to excellence.

Sponsorship Activation & Branding
The SBA has created a number of basketball related sports properties consisting of events, exhibitions, international competitions, shows, and tours as well as a number of global basketball development and entertainment initiatives, continuing to further promote the authenticity surrounding the best professional basketball players in the world.  Sponsorship with the SBA becomes an excellent vehicle to initiate marketing campaigns to develop leadership, sportsmanship, business and educational opportunities, cross cultural experiences, and athletic and business excellence.  These highly visible events support current marketing and advertising efforts creating face-to-face quality encounters with target consumers, fans, participants, and sponsors as well as people in the local markets where the SBA can be available to the media and local businesses for community acknowledgements, appearances, and interviews.

The SBA gives companies, organizations, and venues a valuable one of kind sports marketing vehicle to educate and entertain basketball fans and aspiring young athletes who have fallen in love with the sport of basketball in an interactive, fun, and creative atmosphere as well as increase consumer awareness and create positive public relations for their products, services, and corporate mission.  With the combination of basketball being one of the most followed and supported sports throughout the world and the SBA being the hottest basketball entities, the SBA ensures successful and profitable events maximizing visibility/branding and product distribution through sponsorship, marketing, and production.  

Grassroots Marketing
The Street Basketball Association is an independent, professional association of players and teams throughout the U.S. established to promote and showcase their execution of “street ball.”  The SBA realizes that street ball is a social phenomenon growing across the globe.  Whether played on dirt courts in the backyard or the asphalt of inner city playgrounds this brand of basketball boasts an unmatched passion and creative enthusiasm that crosses over all geographic, cultural, and economic lines.  Marketing with the SBA creates additional revenue opportunities to organizations/corporations looking to reach the grass roots of communities all over the world gaining exposure from thousands of people at SBA events, through radio, television, print advertisements and the SBA’s website

Global/International Marketing & Positioning
The SBA has produced countless events throughout the United States, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa from exhibition show tours to clinics, demonstrations, expos, leagues, international competitions, and other basketball related entertainment sports properties and special events making our organization the “trailblazer” leading our industry that demonstrates our ability to manage and cultivate events.  The SBA and its global partners have proven to show how sports develops character, teamwork, responsibility and unity amongst participants as well as gives renewed energy and a sense of hope to the youth.  The SBA has spearheaded the movement of bringing the fusion of sports, entertainment, hip-hop music, and overall basketball development to many regions of the world; as the SBA Management Team continues to be utilized as a valuable asset for top businesses, organizations, sponsors, and leagues and teams in the world seeking overall basketball/street basketball marketing and support.  Through its dedication, expertise, and uncompromising commitment to quality the SBA has become the foremost expert in the global basketball industry creating leverage to provide maximum exposure, visibility, global product positioning and branding that works hand and hand to support and add to any marketing and advertising effort in any region of the world.