Corporate Partners

Creating a strategic alliance and partnership with the SBA provides opportunities for companies to get the most from their business dollar partnering with a fully integrated professional organization with a global infrastructure in place, led by a talented management team of dedicated basketball and entertainment industry experts.  The SBA is seeking strategic alliances with key organizations that are ready to partner with us, as we become a legend in the evolution of the basketball industry.   The Street Basketball Association is a responsive, dedicated, and a capable organization that is committed to success with a strong resume that demonstrates our ability to manage and cultivate events.  The SBA offers a unique brand of basketball and entertainment that has continued to be appreciated by the worldwide community. 

The SBA and its partners have proven to show how sports develops character, teamwork, responsibility and unity amongst participants as well as gives renewed energy and a sense of hope to the youth.  The SBA has spearheaded the movement of bringing the fusion of sports, entertainment, hip-hop music, and overall basketball development to many regions of the world;  as the SBA continues to be utilized as a valuable asset for top businesses, organizations, sponsors, and leagues and teams in the world seeking overall basketball/street basketball consultation and support.

The SBA becomes an excellent vehicle to initiate marketing campaigns to develop leadership, sportsmanship, business and educational opportunities, cross cultural experiences, and athletic and business excellence. The SBA provides highly visible events to support current marketing and advertising efforts creating face-to-face encounters with fans, participants, and sponsors that attend the events as well as people in the local markets where the SBA can be available to the media and local businesses for community acknowledgements, appearances, and interviews.  Marketing with the SBA creates additional revenue opportunities to organizations/corporations looking to reach the grass roots of communities all over the world gaining exposure from thousands of people at SBA events, through radio, television, print advertisements and the SBA’s website

The SBA is firm on the belief that forging long-term partnerships with customers, community organizations, and global and local companies is vital to its success; being committed to our partners will in fact make customers committed to the SBA.  In following this philosophy, the SBA seeks to align itself with companies and groups interested in the explosive momentum and worldwide demand for basketball.  Through its dedication, expertise, and uncompromising commitment to quality the SBA has become the foremost expert in the global basketball industry creating leverage to provide maximum exposure, visibility, global product positioning and branding that works hand and hand to support and add to any marketing and advertising effort in any region of the world. 

The SBA has created strategic alliances, partnered, produced and contracted with an extensive list of major corporations, countries, events, organizations, and celebrities:


        Nike                                        NCAA Tournament & Final Four                 Blockbuster Video
        Adidas                                    NFL Super Bowl                                        Nestle
        McDonald’s                             CIAA Tournament                                      Activision
        Coca-Cola                               NBA Entertainment                                   Midway Video
        Pontiac                                   NBA All-Stars & Legends                          Ocelot Productions
        New Era                                 ESPN & MTV                                            Sports Authority          
        Gatorade                                African Basketball Development                  Run N Shoot
        Cingular Wireless (ATT)           Nigeria and South African Basketball           Radio One    
        Creative Artist Agency             South America’s Honor Haro Foundation      Clear Channel
        Magic Show / NBN                  Hoop Dreams Foundation                           Motorola
        Justin Timberlake                    India Youth and Sports                               YMCA
        Jay-Z and Roc-a-Fella              Crushbone Indonesia, Jakarta                     Boys/Girls Club
        Biz Markie                              Copenhagen International Gala, Denmark     U.S. Military
        Ying Yang Twins                     Haarlem BasketballWeek, Amsterdam         Sprite
        Nappy Roots                           Pharrell and N.E.R.D.                                 Allen Iverson
        311                                        Talib Kweli                                                 Muggsy Bogues
        Terrell Ownes                          Bow Wow                                                 Tim Hardaway
        Nick Cannon                           Slam and Dime Magazines                         Dennis Rodman

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