A major characteristic of the SBA is its community involvement.  Along with the preservation of “street basketball,” the SBA is dedicated to community growth.  The SBA will donate a portion of its revenue to charities and/or community organizations in each SBA City as well as make its players and staff available throughout the year to participate in community activities/events.

In the continued efforts to provide educational, fun, and safe community based programming the Street Basketball Association initiates community events as an additional vehicle to spread a positive message to enhance the overall development of the youth.  Throughout our programs various community outreach organizations will utilize a holistic approach to educate the youth about the most important game they will ever participate in, “The Game of Life.”  The youth learn basic conflict resolution strategies and become aware of a number of anti-drug/crime initiatives.  During the events, basketball is used as the vehicle to grab the attention of the youth in the community with messages that teach the components of success;   such as discipline, responsibility, accountability, teamwork and a host of outstanding qualities that can be applied to all aspects of life.

The image of the SBA and its players is very important and requires great attention. Although many athletes feel they are not role models and/or have no responsibility to the public, we must disagree.  Actually, we believe this is a major decision factor when seeking players and staff.  We are dedicated to making the SBA a positive organization that can be a model for other professional leagues/associations to follow

“Community Relationship Marketing” will also be an important part of our marketing strategy.  As previously mentioned, we will be very involved in the communities of SBA cities.  We are firm on the belief that forging long-term partnerships with customers, community organizations and government agencies is vital to our success; being committed to our customers will in fact make customers committed to the SBA.

Charitable giving and fundraising is a major focus of the Street Basketball Association. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, the SBA has partnered with local governments, religious groups, parks and recreation departments, schools, charities, and other community outreach organizations. The SBA believes there must be a united effort on and off the court to create a positive impact that will manifest in our communities for a common objective to Save Our Youth. The SBA will use basketball as the recreational; and motivational catalysts to launch our enrichment, mentoring, community service, and fundraising programs.  Through basketball, we are able to build character, confidence, responsibility, accountability and a host of other qualities that will aid in personal, family, and community development. Basketball teaches the value of Teamwork, not I work. This is a fundamental life lesson that can be employed in all situations to further enhance our quality of life.

The SBA was founded upon the principles of giving basketball back to its roots; THE STREETS. Basketball has been played and enjoyed by millions for many years. Our association is focused on delivering a basketball product that exemplifies the passion, heart, and love for the game, while playing it in its purest and rawest form. Our continued dedication to the growth and development of street ball worldwide has given us the platform to conduct clinics, create teams and leagues, spread the love of basketball, while educating and entertaining players, fans, and basketball enthusiasts throughout.

The Street Basketball Association promotes minority entrepreneurship/ownership and community development. The SBA aims to give professional basketball to the urban communities and to create an unparalleled game of loyalty that is amiss in professional sports today. SBA leagues and teams will reach out and form everlasting bonds with their fans,  community leaders, local businesses, community based organizations, government agencies working together to form a partnership of growth and development as we invest in our communities.  In addition, SBA players and teams are liaisons for the league and the game of basketball in an attempt to give basketball back to its roots and to make a positive impact.