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Street Basketball Association WE GOT OUR FIVE…GET YOURS! The Street Basketball Association is the first ever, professional street basketball league and international basketball federation that showcases the best street ball legends and professional ball players’ center stage, in an organized competitive environment to entertain fans and to see what cities have the best talent in […]

STREET BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION Partners with Collectors Expo, LLC and Glamour Under The Stars to Produce NBA Throwback Series:

Since 2001, the Street Basketball Association has pioneered the growth and development of grassroots basketball in the United States. Championing the advancement of basketball globally, the SBA produces events around the world featuring the top SBA All-Stars, Basketball Legends, and current All-Star Players. Now, it is with great excitement that the SBA announces a partnership […]

SBA Announces International Street Ball Federation. Initial Coaltion Consists of 22 Members Representing 18 Countries on 6 Continents

03/01/2009 8:28 PM SBA International Street Ball Federation SBA Announces International Street Ball Federation. Initial Coaltion Consists of 25 Members Representing 20 Countries on 6 Continents The SBA was very pleased with the participation of individuals and organizations in the Street Basketball Federation Conference call on February 16, 2009.  A total of 22 individuals from […]


09/12/2009 1:46 PM Washington, DC – November 3, 2009 The Street Basketball Association, LLC in partnership with ESeats & URE LLC has registered a new show called “The Making of a Streetballer”.  It’s slated to be a Weekly Reality Show, Searching for America’s Top Streetballer and provides an inside view of what it takes to […]