The Street Basketball Association, LLC (SBA) has partnered with Beijing Rich Media Culture & Communication Co., LTD. to provide China with SBA highlights.  The multi-year licensing deal allows Beijing Rich Media Culture & Communication Co., LTD. to sell SBA footage in China.  The SBA is confident that the Chinese community will enjoy the DVD when it is released.

The agreement is just the start of what is expected to be long-term relationship with the Chinese market.  The SBA is scheduled to be in China for an exhibition tour against teams from the Chinese Professional League (CBA).  During the visit, the SBA in conjunction with Philcon Audio & Visual Intl. Co. Ltd will produce a street basketball game in the Chinese Palace of Qing Emperor to showcase the combination of american street basketball in an ancient Chinese palace. The SBA expects to offer the Chinese tour footage to US television networks for a television show/series.