Bookings & Appearances

Book the SBA for your next event, create a marketing budget, contract one of the SBA’s Basketball Entertainment Sports Properties featuring the SBA All-Stars and/or US Legends of Basketball (former NBA Stars)                                            
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Are you ready to make a high-energy impact on your target market?                               
—Connect with a captive audience composed of your target consumers
—Establish high-quality encounters with consumer markets
—Get an additional vehicle to penetrate the suburban/urban markets

All this and more is within your reach booking the SBA! SBA Events and Sponsorships provide the opportunity to leverage the momentum of a professional basketball league, as well as well respected community leaders, local celebrities, and past, present and future professional basketball stars. Seizing the moment has never been easier than right now because the SBA ensures premium visibility and high-quality encounters with target consumers, as the SBA gives basketball back to its roots in the global community.  SBA bookings and sponsorship not only signifies your support of the community and community based events it emphasizes your active involvement in the lives of your everyday customers, new and existing.

Promoters, marketers, event management companies, can book the SBA as a great tool to reach a large audience when promoting a product, event, and/or service.  The SBA ensures a successful and profitable event maximizing premium branding, visibility, and high-quality encounters with target consumers from both the suburban, urban, and global markets utilizing promotional SBA and sponsor product giveaways (T-shirts/Hats/Head-bands), providing information booths for the SBA and Sponsors, signage with banners and posters, marketing and promotions prior to each event, additional invited professional athletes, entertainers, and celebrities, national, regional, and local marketing (Internet, Print, Radio, and Television), and video and television production.

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COMPONENTS OF SBA BOOKINGS                            
DJ and Emcee
Photo and Autograph sessions / SBA All-Stars and Former NBA Player Interviews
Shooting Contests
SBA/NBA Player Interaction with Patrons/Kids (Mini Games) and Interactive Player-Fan Basketball Clinic
Free Style Dribbling and Street Ball Handling Demonstration
Entertaining and Competitive Exhibition Show Game featuring the SBA All-Stars/Former NBA Legends
Slam Dunk Contests and Demonstrations
Street Ball Drills and Show Routines
Promotional SBA and Sponsor Product Giveaways (T-shirts/Hats/Head-bands)
Information Booth for the SBA and Sponsors
SBA Signage with Banners and Posters
SBA Marketing and Promotions Prior to Each Event
Invited Professional Athletes, Entertainers, and Celebrities
National, Regional, and Local Marketing (Internet, Print, Radio, and Television)
Video and Television Production
Banners and logos at each SBA Event displaying company name/logo
Program advertisements and Company announcements
Official SBA T-shirts printed with company logo
Company logo displayed on all print advertisements as well as all flyers and posters
Half-time promotions at all SBA events / New and existing product distribution and reinforcement
VIP tickets for each SBA Event / VIP Reception and After Party
Company logo and banner on SBA website acknowledging company as official global sponsor
Top media and community acknowledgement as an official SBA sponsor at press conferences and radio/television ads
Company logos displayed on custom SBA Uniforms, Warm-up Suits, Shooting Shirts, and Bags

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When you book the SBA we simply provide turn-key, tailored solutions and operations creating an event customized specifically for your organization that will provide a valuable one of kind marketing vehicle to educate and entertain fans and aspiring young athletes who have fallen in love with the sport of basketball in an interactive, fun, and creative environment, increasing consumer awareness generating positive public relations and exposure for your products, services, and corporate mission. 
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